I just woke out of a very deep sleep and the word “abundance” was very heavy on my mind. Why was that? I think that maybe it’s something that I need to address, maybe I’m getting one of those little nudges that come from time to time and send me to the computer to begin writing.

I know that it bothers me when I see advertisements for classes that lead to abundance. It’s not the abundance that bothers me, it’s the implication that the class will make you rich and that is the draw behind taking the class. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against money, it’s nice to have extra sitting around! Spiritual abundance isn’t about getting rich quick. It’s about having what you need in all areas of your life. True abundance is being abundant in all areas of your life.

Money is a means for obtaining the things that you need. It has its own energetic properties, just as everything else in the Universe. I guess I just feel that somewhere along the line we have lost the true meaning of abundance and we’ve managed to change what is a beautiful balancing act with the Universe into another get rich quick scheme. We were never designed to live on this earth in lack, the limitations that we perceive are the ones that we’ve placed upon ourselves through our own beliefs.

Of course, there is always the flip side that if it takes a “get rich quick” scheme for someone to sign up for a class and they discover that there is so much more to it than financial success, then it might be a good way to introduce someone to spiritual thought processes. I do not judge in either case … sometimes people slip in through a backdoor, thinking that they are learning one thing and then realizing the information they are receiving is so much more than they could have ever dreamed of.

True abundance is having what you need without excess. Having enough to share with others as well. My life is filled with abundance and I am very thankful for that.

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