I’ve been busy!

I finally made it out for a run this afternoon, it’s been awhile! I only ran a mile (and part of that was a walk) but it felt good to be outside moving again. Last week I got back out on the bike so I think that my training shall get back into full swing again. I know that I’ll feel so much better with the body movement.

I have spent most of this month getting the new office space ready to open. Julie and I have removed shelving, painted, cleaned, and planned. It looks good, even if I do say so myself! We still have one more room to paint and then it will be finished. I am moving my things from my old office over to the new offices this weekend … a new beginning still surrounded by the things that have made my office warm and inviting. It will be nice to do be able to have space to teach my classes as well as my healing work, all under the same roof.

The yoga studies are going well, though I hadn’t really anticipated the depth of knowledge that makes up yoga. I believe that yoga will turn out to be a lifetime of learning, just like everything else that I’ve taken up on my spiritual journey! Holistic yoga will be a wonderful addition to my menu of services, teaching one on one as well as doing workshops for very small groups. I was hoping to be ready to offer these services beginning in February, but as I stated, there is more to learn and I feel that March is a better start date as I want to be the best teacher that I can for my students.

It’s been a busy month … but things will settle down soon and this new stage of my journey will begin, I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

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