Lessons Learned …

As I ride my bike, I find the thoughts that fill my head at times very interesting. Brad (my husband) and I were out on our long training ride last weekend when I had an epiphany of sorts. I am always looking ahead to see what the road looks like, especially if it’s the first time that I’ve been on the road riding a bicycle. I have realized that the road isn’t always as it appears to be!

There are times that it looks as though a hill is coming up, but that was only an illusion due to the position on the road that I was on at the time. Yes, there are hills and some of them turn out to be steeper than they looked as well. The epiphany came from realizing that I need to pay attention to my body and how I am pedaling to determine when to shift, not the illusion of the terrain that I am riding on.

I have shifted down before when I didn’t need to because I was seeing some thing steeper than what was there. Life is like that at times. We make adjustments based on the things that we “think” are there, even if we are already in the perfect gear to get through this new terrain. I am learning to listen to my body, it will tell me where I need to be, and then adjust the gearing accordingly.

All you need to help you through life is already inside of you. You just need to begin trusting yourself and make the adjustments in accordance with what is right for you. Life isn’t always what it seems and just like the road ahead, there are times that it appears much harder than it really is. If it starts getting a bit harder to pedal, by all means, gear down and adjust … set your pace and then make minor adjustments as you go to maintain that and things will go much smoother for you. 

Of course, there are still times that it is steeper than you thought as well! In those instances (especially if you are stuck in a gear too high and can’t shift down due to pedaling hard) you just have to push through and know that the top is coming soon. You are stronger than you think your are. No hill lasts forever and neither do the trials in your life. 


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