Vision + Faith + Action = Miracles

Many times I hear vision plus faith equals miracles. That leaves out one very important piece of the process! There has to be action involved in some form or another! You make your vision board and you have faith that it’s going to work for you. You sit back in your comfortable living room, sipping your latte, and wait for the Universe to bring all those wonderful things that you put on your board to your front door. It’s exciting to sit and wait those first few days, maybe even weeks, but you begin to feel the spiderwebs that have attached to your arms from sitting and waiting so long and then you decide that you need a NEW vision board and start the entire process over again.

I’m not saying that some of the things that you had on your board might not have come into your life. What I am saying is that have the vision and the faith are not enough to manifest the majority of the miracles. The key element in the manifestation is you!

A very good example of this is when I decided to sign up for the Seattle to Portland Bike Ride this year. I had the vision clearly in my head of me crossing the finish line. I did have a picture of myself and Brad (my husband) celebrating after a bike ride on my vision board. But it didn’t stop there. I had complete faith that I would accomplish this feat. It was a major undertaking for me, pushing my physical abilities further than I have ever pushed them before. Brad helped me with the action plan, we had a training schedule. I held to it and did the work necessary to accomplish the miracle.

The first day of the ride it was 90+ degrees out. I have Multiple Sclerosis and heat is not my friend. I know that there were many that couldn’t continue due to the extreme heat, I was not one of them. That first day Brad, my niece, and I rode 125 miles. I felt on top of the world! I knew that I had this down. The heat, the mileage, the cars, the people, nothing could or would stop me from accomplishing this major feat. The vision of the finish line was very strong and so was my faith. The second day it was raining when we reached Portland! I crossed the finish line and felt good, no, I felt great!

The Universe has a promise for you, if you show up to do your part of the work, it will assist you in anyway it can. I really don’t know how I did that ride with so much ease, but I did. The heat didn’t bother me, that alone is a miracle. People with a strong vision and the faith to back that up have gone on to do some amazing things. Look at our ancestors and the things that they accomplished. They had the vision and faith and they acted upon that vision. Miracles can be accomplished, people do what others say can’t be done all the time. If you have a vision that is strong and clear, you need to act upon it. Have faith that the Universe will help you fill in those blank spots, the places where you aren’t sure how you will get it done. Know that you WILL accomplish your goal.

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