It’s Time To Push Back

I had an interesting conversation with a young lady the other day. She, like me, has Multiple Sclerosis. She is currently going off of all medications (working closely with her Neurologist and Gynecologist) as she and her husband wish to start a family. I admire her greatly. Our conversation came around to the point when things began to turn around for her MS. She stated, very simply, she began to push her body beyond what she thought it could do. She is now hiking, something that she thought was not in the scheme of things for her.

This rang a huge bell for me. I started thinking back to when I began my journey back to health and realized, like her, it was when I began pushing my body beyond what I thought it could do. Having part of my lower thigh bone just “fall out” and leave bone chips floating around in my knee was a turning point for me. I still have the small bone fragments that were removed during surgery. I was told at the time by the Orthopedic Surgeon that this was going to be a “normal” thing for me as my bones had taken a huge hit from all of the steroids used in treatment of my MS. I was told that I could expect the bones in any of my joints to crumble under the stress. The only thing that might help would be to start lifting weights.

That was a turning point, I went to the gym, I started lifting weights, I began to push back with all my might. What started as lifting weights, progressed into walking, then running. When I finally injured my knee while running, I moved on to biking. I completed the STP this year. My balance is amazing as I also teach, not just take, yoga. I pushed back against MS, and I have pushed back hard. I like where I am today, I am free of all prescription medications and I love that! I take my doTERRA Life Long Vitality Pack and DDR Prime, and my Vitamin D. I feel good … no I feel accomplished and awesome!

While talking with this young lady she told me of another young person with MS. He has begun a non-profit Faith based MS organization called Endless Pursuit. He LEADS a group hike twice a month and his site is filled with information and inspirational blogs. I highly recommend visiting it and supporting it.

I am inspired by this younger generation that refuses to accept the parameters that have been laid out for them due to a diagnosis they have received. Like me, they didn’t accept the fact that they would slowly slide down hill, they decided to push back and take their own lives into their hands. They are empowered and strong. I am blessed to have come in contact with them.

Remember, a diagnosis is only a way to explain the symptoms that you are experiencing. It isn’t who or what you are. You are still you and always will be. Multiple Sclerosis has its ups and downs, I found that in my case, facing the news that I my bones were going to slowly crumble away was the turning point. We all have that place that we hit when we say “no more”. It takes an inner strength and a belief that there IS something greater than you that is helping aid you in your climb back out of the ravine, but if you look deep enough inside of yourself, you can find it.

I can help you on your climb, but the actual climbing has to be done by you. I tell people all the time that they are much stronger than they think they are. There are times they are in so much pain they need medication to help them through it. This takes nothing away from them at all. It’s hard to move forward until you can get out of that pain cycle. First things first, relieve the worst of the physical pain. Get help with the emotional pain and the stress. I can help you with those elements using Reiki and Heartmath(r) techniques. Then we begin the climb back up the ravine.

My wish for ALL those living with an auto-immune dis-ease is to begin their climb back to health. I do believe that it’s not an impossible task. It takes time and it takes strength from a place deep within you, but it’s there if you wish to look for it. It’s time to push back against the diagnosis that is currently controlling your life. Take charge, it IS your life, not the life of the dis-ease.You are not your diagnosis, you never will be.

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