When the Subconscious Speaks …

This week has been an interesting one so far. I love that my journey never ceases to bring interesting people and events into my life. I am continuously learning new things and having those “ah-ha” moments. It also pushes me to think and re-think some of my beliefs and understandings of how things work and that’s always a good thing. I think that if you get to complacent in your belief system you miss important information that comes your way. I believe that all things that “come my way” need to be weighed and thought through prior to either bringing them into my own personal belief system or discarding them.

I met a fellow wellness coach on Monday. It was an interesting conversation. I heard new concepts and ideas that I have thought over and balanced to see how they work within my own belief system. Some fit in quite well, others had a small amount of “fingers on a chalk board” effect, those I released. I have learned long ago to trust the system of accepting or disregarding that is a large part of me.

I did find the discussion on metaphors very interesting. I discovered a new book (I LOVE books) to purchase and a quick trip to Amazon has it coming my way! The name of the book is Metaphors in Mind: Transformation Through Symbolic Modeling written by James Lawley. I learned some time ago that the mind “sees” in metaphors and pictures. When we are in a dream state at night, our subconscious speaks to us through metaphors. The biggest challenge (other than remembering the dream!) is to decipher the metaphor and understand the message that our subconscious is trying to tell us.

If you are dreaming that you have killed someone, please don’t take that as a literal thing, it probably means that you have finally let go or “killed” something that you needed to. It might also be trying to tell you that you need to let something go from your life. Don’t let your dreams frighten you, it is a message of some type to you. Write out your dreams as soon as you can so that you can remember them. Go back and read what you’ve written and attempt to understand what your subconscious mind was trying to tell you. I am a big believer in dream journals and if you were to ask my clients you would know that I “prescribe” this often to them!

DreamCatchers 005When I am giving Reiki sessions, I “see” messages in metaphor. It would seem that a favorite of mine is butterflies. I pay close attention to how the butterfly presents itself and what it is doing as those are all indications of where the client is at the moment. I have had beautiful butterflies that can’t fly, I’ve had drab butterflies with black holes in their wings, and there have been butterflies struggling to release from their cocoons. Each vision or “metaphor” is very unique and the clues to the message are always wrapped around the butterfly, his looks and what he is doing.

The mind is a fascinating thing and how it tries to communicate with us is even more so. Be open to learning what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. Allow yourself to slip into that space during meditation, yoga, or at night when you are sleeping. Welcome your dreams and be grateful for what they share with you.

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