Stress … is it Really a Necessary Evil??

Let’s talk about stress today. It would seem like a no-brainer, everyone knows what stress is, or do they? Our world now incorporates stress on a daily basis in such a way that we consider stress to be normal every day activity. In other words, we no longer recognize stress as stress! That is a game changer for most of us. How can you relieve something that you don’t even realize you have?

Stress is a very common trigger for autoimmune diseases. It can create the initial onset of the dis-ease or it can create a current flare-up of the dis-ease. Most of us aren’t even aware of the stressful moment that created the event, it’s part of our daily lives and that’s a very sad fact. How many of us consider this to be a normal morning: oversleep and start off the day running, stub your toe because you aren’t fully awake, the kids have missed the bus because they also got up late, you threw some cereal at them as there was no time for that healthy breakfast you had planned, you forgot to put the dog out and now that will worry you all day long, drive the kids to school, walk in the office late, and the rest of your day goes downhill from there! People, this is NOT a normal day! This is stressful and for those of us with autoimmune dis-ease, no ALL of us, this is not a healthy lifestyle.

Stress contributes to many of our health problems that are on the rise: heart disease; asthma; obesity; diabetes; headaches; depression and anxiety; gastrointestinal problems; Alzheimer’s disease; accelerated aging; and premature death. That’s an impressive list! That list includes everyone, if you also have an autoimmune dis-ease and live a stressful life, no wonder you can’t seem to get things under control. I have had those in the medical field tell me that if people could get their stress under control, their patient visits would drop dramatically. Looking at the list above, I can well understand that.

So we acknowledge that we have stress, but the question comes into play, what can we do to change that? The answer is to learn how to handle the stress in a healthy way so that you are back in control, not your stress. In the world that we live in it is no longer an option for most people to just eliminate all stress from their lives, so the solution to the problem becomes learning how to deal with it so that it is either minimized or eradicated from your daily life situations. There will always be stressful situations that come up, but you can also learn how to handle these as they appear. It IS something that you can learn to control.

Take the scenario listed above, what if you had made a conscious decision when you first realized that you had overslept to take a deep breath prior to getting out of bed. You would have gotten out of bed slower and not stubbed your toe. When you woke the kids up in a CALM manner, they responded in kind and the crazy rushing around didn’t happen. It’s easier to find things and get dressed when you are calm than when you are in panic mode. Have you ever tried to find two socks that match in a panic?? You realized that it was a choice to allow your emotions to control you, OR you could control your emotions. The simple act of taking that deep breath prior to rising from your bed changed the entire morning. Staying calm changed every reaction, even those of your children. Because you were calm, you were able to think clearer and remember things that need to be done, including letting the dog out. Were you still late? Maybe, and maybe not. Staying calm makes the time flow better, you just might have made it on time. You also might have thought to call and let someone know the situation and still arrived late, but because you had thought ahead you were not stressed about it.

Logo-HM-LicensedCoachThat might be unrealistic for most people to accomplish. The interesting thing is that it can be accomplished with practice. Like anything else in your life, practice makes perfect. I am a HeartMath(R) Coach and there are several techniques that I teach to help you learn to handle your stress and improve your health. I use Reiki as well to help clients with their stress. Learning to handle stress is a very large factor in maintaining your health and your healthy outlook on life. Please feel free to download my 3 simple ways to relieve stress.

DSC_0321Think about what makes you smile, no matter what is going on. Is it a picture on your phone? The memory of your child’s laugh? The words of a particular song or the sun setting over the ocean? Whatever that is, have it written down or on your phone. We all carry phones and another simple way to bring the stress level down is to pull that picture, or whatever reminder you decided to use, up on your phone and look at it. In a moment you can change your emotions and lower your stress rate. Take a deep breath, remember what brings you joy and allow that emotion to settle into your heart. It will make a difference in your stress in seconds.

You matter, and your health is important to me. Take the time to learn to live with less stress. It can be done!

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