It’s Your Life …

As I have written in the past, being healthy isn’t just about eating right. It isn’t about exercising. It is about taking care of every area in your life. You can eat as healthy as you wish, but if you hate your job, you aren’t going to be healthy. Do you run every day, but you come home to a relationship that is full of strife and struggle? You still won’t be healthy until that relationship is worked out.

490True health comes from being balanced in all areas of your life, all of them! I discovered that in my research on autoimmune disease. All areas of the person had to be addressed in order for them to find lasting health. Sorry, there is no magic pill out there that will “fix” you and make you healthy. The only one that can do the work, is you.

There is good news though! You don’t have to do it alone. The more I learn about health and the whole person, the more information comes to me. That’s how it works, once you really put your focus on something, in this case learning all that I can to help those with autoimmune disease, the more the Universe begins sending information your way. This process of “sending information my way” brought the Institute for Integrative Nutrition(R) into my field of vision. They teach the same concept that I have discovered. In order to find lasting health, the entire scope of life needs to be addressed. The foods that you eat are secondary foods, it’s everything else, from relationships to careers, that are your primary foods. I signed up for their program to become a certified Health Coach. No, you don’t have to do this alone, there are coaches out there, people in your corner, that can help you to be successful.

It never fails to amaze me when I find connections like this. As I  completed the orientation process I began to recognize names of people that I have had a connection with in the health and wellness arena. I have read their book, I have taken a nutrition class from them, I have followed their blog, and I have learned so much from them. I realized that they were ALL graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition(R)! How amazing is that!

I guess the one thing I really want to impart in this blog is this: Set your goal and then put your focus on it. Every day do something that moves you along towards that goal. Don’t miss a day! This is an important part of success, not missing a day. Many of those that I’ve listened to say they set an intention and then sit back and wait for the Universe to deliver. It doesn’t work that way! Set the intention, stay focused and then YOU go and meet the Universe with all of the passion for your goal pushing you ahead. You will find the things you need to help you move forward, but you can’t be a passive player in your own life, you have to be an active player and the Universe will come out and play with you.

It’s your life, you have the power to achieve anything that you can conceive, but you have to put yourself into it.

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