Looking Ahead to the New Year …

As I sit here, the new year just around the corner, I find myself contemplating many different things. This has been a year of learning and absorbing many different bits and pieces of information. I am always amazed as to how it all dove tails together. Each thing I learn moves right into the next thing that I learn. It doesn’t take very long and I get a complete picture of the information that I wish to pass on.

I am still learning and I will continue to pass along the information I learn to you. I have always stated that real healing comes from a place in the heart. Finding that place in the heart comes from having your life balanced in all areas, not physical or mental or spiritual, but ALL of those areas. The human body is an amazing thing when it receives the nourishment, and I don’t mean just food, it needs to thrive. I firmly believe that you have to take care of the complete person, not just bits and pieces of it, to help the body to heal itself.

DSCN4151I am currently reading the book “Mind Over Medicine, Scientific Proof that you can heal Yourself”, by Lissa Rankin, M.D. I recommend everyone purchasing a copy of this book and then reading it without any preconceived notions. I always tell my students and my clients to take everything that you learn, even from me, and apply your own critical thinking to it. Don’t ever just take my word for it as my truth may not be your truth. Until you can honestly say that a “theory” has moved into your personal belief system, it will always be a philosophy to you. It will not be your truth.

I look forward to next year and my time with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition(R). They embrace the concept of Primary Food and Secondary Food. Would it surprise you to know that the actual food you put in your mouth is considered Secondary Food? The main “food” that feeds your homeostasis is everything else in your life, your career, your relationships, your physical activity, and your spirituality. Eating the healthiest diet in the world will not help you to live a healthy life when these areas are lacking in your personal life.

My wish for myself in the coming year is to fully integrate all that I’ve learned into my own personal life. To accelerate my healthy spiral upward. To continue too amaze my Neurologist with the disappearance of the lesions in my brain on my journey through Multiple Sclerosis. My wish for you is to begin your own journey to good health. This coming year I will be passing my knowledge on to you, offering some insights that you can apply to your own life. The only one that can give you the gift of health, is you. I believe that you are more than worthy of that gift and I am looking forward to next year and watching you step up and claim your gift for yourself. Like the butterfly, it’s time we ALL learned how to stretch our wings and soar!

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