What’s Hiding Under Your Pillow?

The other morning I woke up to the sound of my Corgi, Jack, banging into things in my closet. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, but he was making a lot of noise! I got up and the noise stopped. I turned on the light and looked into the closet and saw … nothing out of the ordinary! I didn’t even see Jack. When I sleep at night I remove an extra pillow from my bed and I just throw it into the closet. Jack sleeps on this pillow when he meanders into my closet. I saw the pillow on the floor, but no Jack. Suddenly, the pillow moved and I realized that Jack was underneath the pillow, stuck INSIDE the pillowcase! He was there, hiding in plain sight. I laughed very hard as I removed him from the pillowcase and sent him on his way.

20150105_170614Nice story for first thing in the morning, it made my day! Then it got me to thinking about how I could use my laugh for the day to make a point that I wanted to get across. It came to me this morning as I was thinking about my blog. I have written before about the link between autoimmune disease and leaky gut. There is science that now backs up the fact that all autoimmune diseases begin with a leaky gut. Healing the gut is the first step in moving forward to good health.

We didn’t start overnight with stomach problems. They began small and then got out of hand as our lives got out of hand. Constant stress is the new normal in America, so is grabbing a bite to eat at the fast food restaurant, chugging coffee to keep moving, running here, running there, no one has time to eat healthy. We will worry about that when we can slow down a bit. I wonder when that will be?

I woke up the other morning to strange noises, the first sign that something wasn’t right in my closet. The same thing happens within our bodies. We get signs –  skin rashes, scratchy throats, runny noses, allergy like symptoms. We tend to push all of these aside and think that we’ve caught a bug of some type. What if the “bug” we caught was our immune system trying to get rid of something that had “leaked” into our bodies via our digestive system? What if our immune system was trying to do it’s job, but we decided to keep plowing ahead, living our stress filled lives, eating our daily dose of pretend food and just hoped the symptoms would go away. Our immune system never gets the chance to go back to it’s normal state of vigilance. It stays in the hyperactive state of “fixing”.

Like the pillowcase hiding Jack, we don’t see the problem with how we are living our lives because we can’t “see” the havoc we are creating in our digestive system. It seems as though everything is fine. We don’t know what “normal” is anymore, most of us have never experienced normal. How many of us think that normal is one bowel movement every other day, or even less often. Sorry, that’s not normal, nor is it healthy.

I was able to solve the noise problem in my closet by saving Jack from the pillow. Solving the problem of an overworked immune system that begins attacking your healthy body is not that easy. You didn’t get in the condition you are in overnight and things won’t change overnight either. The changes that you make are lifestyle changes, not a short term diet.

What better time to begin your new, healthier life than the beginning of the new year? Make this the year of you…it’s time to start living the life of health you deserve.

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