Can You Have the Life You Dream Of?

What would you think if I told you that it IS possible to create the life you would like to live? Would you believe me? Would you think that I was a bit on the crazy side? Would you be skeptical? It really doesn’t matter which one of those categories you fall into, all that I ask is for you to continue reading my blog and then at the end, seal in your answer to the first question that I asked: “What would you think if I told you that it IS possible to create the life you would like to live?”.

The first time that I heard about Ideal LifeVision® I saw the beauty of what Ann Webb was talking about. I have been certified for some time now as a Vision Board Coach and I had already tweaked what I taught in that area as JUST creating a vision board will not bring your visions to life. What I found that day, as I listened to Ann speak, were the answers to all of the questions that I had about creating my ideal life! The more she spoke, the more excited I became.

Deb[1]There is a science behind the creation of an Ideal LifeVision®, I won’t go into a lot of detail on that here, but it is mind blowing! I want you to think about this concept, who’s voice do you listen to the most? Is it the voice of your friends and family, or is it your OWN voice? Your voice speaks to you all the time, in your thoughts, out loud, and when you are speaking to others, your voice is cementing those words into your mind. An Ideal LifeVision® is recorded in your own voice, the one that carries the most weight in how you see yourself. What an awesome concept that is! To make this a more powerful recording, baroque music is added to the background. This music has been scientifically proven to help the brain move into the alpha state where it is very receptive to the words that you are speaking.

How would this work in a real life? I am very glad that you asked that. I recorded my LifeVision® in September, 2014. I will not lie to you, as of January 20, 2015 I am on my fifth recording. Again you ask a real good question, why would I need to keep recording my LifeVision®? As I listened to my life vision on a daily basis, at least two times through, an interesting thing began to happen. I found myself getting more focused on the things that I had written about! I BECAME an organized person in my business. I found myself eating healthier without thinking about it. Things that I had written about began to fall into place within my life. The need to rewrite my LifeVision® came as I discovered that I needed to expand in some areas and other areas I took out as they were already a part of my life!

As I became more focused through listening to myself, new opportunities appeared that were the next step in my long term vision of my life. I rewrote my LifeVision® to include the successful completion of these opportunities. I have found the one person that I don’t want to disappointment more than anyone else in the world, is me.

I wish for everyone reading this blog to have the same amazing life. This isn’t something that happens to “someone else” this is something that can happen to you! My dream is that everyone realizes this and begins to create their own Ideal LifeVision®. If I were to ask you the question that I began with, “What would you think if I told you that it IS possible to create the life you would like to live?” what would your answer be this time?

The power is in your own words, your own voice, and the music you use in creating your own wonderful life. I encourage you to step into that power and begin creating the life you were born to live today. If you are interested in learning more I invite you to schedule a FREE Laser Vision Session with me!

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