It’s Baseball Season

Life throws us curve balls at times. We swing, we miss, and we may even strike out. The question is – how we deal with those times. Life is life and we are all living it. There are times that we hit every ball out of the park when we step up to the plate and then there are those down times when we feel like we can’t even find the plate.

Austin Race - Annie 019Even though I am using a baseball metaphor, I’m not a ball player, but I AM a life player. Life is a lot like the game of baseball. We practice all the time, we write out our LifeVision, we listen and we begin to knock the ball out of the park. Life is good, things are moving in perfect synchronicity and we love that!

So why is it that there are times we get thrown a pitch that we don’t know how to hit? Aren’t those times supposed to go away now that I’m listening to my perfect life? A perfect life doesn’t throw pitches that I can’t hit, or does it? As we begin to change, life around us changes as well. There will always be hills and valleys, that’s just life and even though we have written our perfect vision, life will still happen. How we deal with those low times is what makes us move forward with our vision.

At the first swing and miss, we COULD just give up. We could say it’s not working. We could pretend to ignore all of the wonderful things that have happened already. We could forget that real change requires some work on our part. We have to play full out and we have to play to win. That means when we swing and miss, we get right back up to the plate and we hit the next ball that comes our way out of the park.

It’s time to “Play ball”. Are you ready?

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