What is Reiki?

For those of you who are not familiar with Reiki, it is a natural method of healing that brings alignment, balance, health, and well-being to the recipient’s body. From a scientific point of view, Reiki produces results on an electromagnetic level. From recent research, it appears Reiki acts to electromagnetically “jump-start” the body’s own healing process by producing changes in vibrational frequency that, in turn, stimulate physical changes in the body. The health benefits are becoming more well known due to recognition in the media and being featured on the “Dr. Oz” show.

What to Expect During a Treatment

You will be asked to lay down fully clothed on a massage table. You may be barefoot or in stocking feet, it makes no difference to me or to the treatment. It is best not to wear restrictive clothing and I do request that you remove any thing from your body that might create an electrical current (i.e. your watch).

Relaxing Atmosphere

Please turn your cell phone off as it is disruptive to the Reiki experience. I will create a relaxing atmosphere for your session by dimming the lights and using meditative music. I also incorporate light therapy during sessions. The main thing is to be comfortable and enjoy the treatment.

Relaxing Touch

During the Reiki session I will place my hands lightly on different parts of your body. The positions may very if I feel a need to address a specific area for treatment. If “touching” bothers you, I can still perform the energy work by letting my hands hover a few inches above your body. The energy will still work just as well this way as it flows to where it is needed within your body.

Works well as a Complimentary Treatment

Studies have shown that Reiki works well as a complimentary treatment with traditional chemotherapy and other cancers, tumors, and autoimmune diagnosis. Reiki helps with the anxiety, nausea, and fatigue that goes with these diagnosis and the treatments for these diagnosis. I work as a team member with your medical doctor. Reiki is used on a volunteer basis is Cancer clinics in Portland, Oregon and Bend, Oregon and has been shown to be beneficial for the patients there.

I also use Reiki in my Health Coaching Programs if the client and I decide that it would be a good addition to their personalized program.

Reiki can be used both in person and at a distance. To schedule a Reiki session please contact me.

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