2017 – The Year of Family

It has been a year to remember, it’s been both extremely good and extremely bad. One for the books and one that I shall always remember as “the year of family”. On the side of  the best, I gained a daughter-in-law this year! That was one of the happiest days of my wordswag_1514661303491life! I have spent the past 5 years praying that my son find someone to spend his life with, that completes him and makes him very happy. She was made to order, so perfect in every way. To make things even better, I now have another grandchild on the way, their first, and the family continues to grow.

There is also regret with the family, regret for things said that can never be unsaid. Moments of anger that create lifetimes of hard feelings. Words can never be taken back, apologies are sometimes not enough. I didn’t create the situation, but I do take full responsibility for my part in it, for that I am very sorry.  I hope that there is time to heal before time runs out.

God gave me time, very precious time, to spend with close family. Time to say what was in my heart, to hear what was in hers. Time to love and be loved, to share the bond of sisters before she transitioned out of this world and on to the next. Here, the words spoken were filled with love and I treasure that time together.

The year has revolved around family, we had good times and we had bad times. I can’t change the bad times, I can only learn from them and move forward. 2018 will be the year of a new baby, new chances to repair relationships, new hope in moving forward. Lessons learned … it’s better to wait for calm than to speak in anger. When it seems that time has run out, love brings blessings and peace. I have learned that you should never wait until time is running out to talk to someone you love … you never know what tomorrow might bring. Don’t waste time with anger and hurt … when they are no longer there, will any of it matter?