Through my “work” (work is a weird term as it has been more pleasurable than work) I have learned quite a bit about myself that has helped tremendously in various aspects of my life and relationships with others. Trying to put into words the spirituality I learn by working with Debbie is not an easy task. I believe I am more aware of how I fit into this Universe and my various callings in this lifetime by working with Debbie. I have learned to be more centered, more confident and to trust myself. Debbie has helped me process on of the most difficult times of my life, going through a divorce, by assisting me to tap into my higher self, releasing physical and emotional negativity and by reminding me that there are life and soul lessons to learn by going through such challenges. Debbie calms me and has helped me become better at meditating. Through Debbie’s classes on angels and essential oil I have been able to network and become friends with other like-minded souls, which is a beautiful thing. She has helped me physically (Reiki treatments), mentally (helping me with clarity, to say the least) and spirituality. I trust Debbie and have referred people to her as I think that highly of her. I am so appreciative of my work and friendship with Debbie and really don’t know where I would be in my life without her grace.  ~Rikki 

The classes I have taken from Debbie have been life changing. I am becoming very confident in my own spirituality. The studies have helped me to become a whole person. Things that have been important to me before are no longer. Many things that have troubled me in the past are now unimportant and superficial. I have become spiritually, emotionally, and personally strong. I am very much learning to like myself and believe in the great power of the Universe. From these classes have come wisdom, love, peace, strength, and the ability to be positive and grateful. I have been transformed into surrounding myself with peaceful and positive things. I have learned to practice detachment from the negative people and things hat I have no control. I am a much happier person and I am learning to be my own best friend and love myself first. I can never learn too much from the classes. Each and every time there is a truly different and life enriching experience. I will continue on the journey of learning as much as I can from Debbie. She is a strong and great warrior who led me on a great path. ~ Lori H.

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